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The Native American Student Association (NASA) is an organization that provides opportunities for Native American students to participate in culturally relevant activities that foster a closer union and activities that perpetuate individual tribal traditions and customs, on and off campus. We work to promote our Native American heritage and educate others through activities and educational opportunities.


Membership is open to all enrolled students of Native American or Alaskan Indian descent, as well as students interested in the Native American culture.

Members of the Native American Student Association have the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills. Our general members also have the chance to excel in the various programs NASA offers throughout the year.

Many organizations are involved in intramurals. Intramurals allow NASA members to have fun while competing against other organizations and groups. Types of intramurals include flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and many others. They provide a time for NASA members to get acquainted and meet different people from other organizations.

Native American Student Association meetings are scheduled every other Thursday at 6:30PM and are held in the student conference rooms of the Student Union. Look for posted schedules in the Student Union for meeting rooms and times. The NASA activities will be posted in the Society Squares portion of the Daily O’Collegian.

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